Downtown is Wrecked


If you don’t have to be downtown today I’d suggest staying away. Half he streets are blocked off and there are so many cops all over I lost count around 50 million. The sky is also full of helicopters. I’m not sure what time the protest starts but I’m in my office at 4th and Main now and I’m guessing I’m not going to be able to leave for quite a while.

5 thoughts on “Downtown is Wrecked”

  1. The count so far for the protest is at 8000.
    Pretty teeny, compared to the half million or so last year.
    Indeed, probably unwise to avoid downtown by car for a few hours, but this will blow up relatively fast.

  2. Dude not sure where you got that 8,000 number, I saw 10 solid blocks of protesters… guessing closer to 100,000 at least.

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