Los Angeles landmark no more?

rest-bevhills-photo1.jpgI’ve been hearing the awful rumors since about this time last year that Trader Vic’s was going to be bull-dozed for some new shitbox condos or hotel. Well it looks like that day has come because the legendary Hawaiian themed bar and restaurant on the corner of Santa Monica and Wilshire boulevards has stopped taking reservations and will soon be leveled. I’m pretty sure that if Frank Sinatra was still alive homeboy wouldn’t let this shit fly. Ol’ Blue Eyes would have his pistol in someone’s face right about now straightening shit out. Seeing as how that isn’t going to happen, I recommend calling and complaining about LA’s best spot for Mai Tai’s and Scorpion Bowls being shut down. Give em’ hell. Tel: 310-276-6345

9 thoughts on “Los Angeles landmark no more?”

  1. I just called, and although they are closed, they are moving the bar on thursday into the hotel and will be serving mai tais and pu-pu platters. so, although it is a loss, at least a little part of trader vic’s will remain.

  2. Damn, damn, damn, damn.

    I’ve always wanted to go there and never had the chance. Now I never will.

    Is The Tonga Room is still at the Fairmont in SF? I love that place.

  3. Take heart – this place has sucked for years (since Merv bought the hotel and remodeled).

    Tong Room still going strong though – but it’s a helluva drive just to get a drink.

  4. The only way you’d think the place didn’t suck is if you’d never been to either This Trader Vic’s PRE-remodel, or the Better one (also closed) off the alley in San Francisco.

    I stand by my suckage.

  5. I stand by my YOU ARE TRIPPING! Any place with tiki shit and booze rules. FACT! Why are you trying to stop the party Ruth? You’re being a fun vacuum.

  6. 1977, I’m so the OPPOSITE of a fun vacuum that I’m leaving you my parking space and my seat at the bar!

    (meanwhile find me at the far superior Tiki Ti)

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