Frankly Franklins

OK, I knew where Franklin Heights was, and I knew where Atwater Village was because of the Bigfoot Lodge…but until reader Bobby submitted a comment about his new neighborhood sign, I had no idea there was a Franklin Village, too. But after his wife spotted the sign, Bobby got a photo, and remarked that the neighborhood was home to “local hangouts of Birds, Upright Citizen Brigade Theater, and the Scientology Celebrity Center.”

So now there’s a Franklin Heights, a Franklin Village…and I have no idea whether either of them even connect to Franklin Ave. Neither does the city. The L.A. City Nerd has actually had to start a quest to define all L.A. neighborhoods in Google maps because even Los Angeles doesn’t have a map of all these new neighborhoods. (The collection of neighborhood signs is up on the Flickr group.)

Anyone defined the boundaries of Franklin Village yet? And by the way, where’s MY SiFi sign?!?

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  1. I could be mistaken, but I think that “Franklin Village” has been around for awhile. And Birds, Upright Citizen Brigade Theater, and the Scientology Celebrity Center are all on Franklin Ave so they definitely do connect to it.

  2. This is the Bobby who submitted in the pictures. Glad to see the story got picked up.

    I just checked out that website linked above. On it it says “”Franklin Village” Neighborhood signs going up on 3/29/07 [time to be announced]”.

    So the newly posted name is still new to me. Frankly, I was tired of telling people I lived at the foot of the Hollywood Hills! Wonder if “FraVi” would be a good nickname or not! ;)

  3. But wait, there’s more! My ‘hood’s “Franklin Square”, bordered by Franklin, Los Feliz, Normandy and Vermont.

    I don’t know if/when we’re getting a sign, but this is where the permit parking was going to be (thankfully denied due to the outcry.)

  4. Actually, the signs technically only designate the one-block communnity of Franklin Avenue where the UCB Theatre, etc. are This was designated by Councilman LaBonge at the end of 2006. Anything larger than one block in length has to go through the City’s “Community Naming Process.” So, technically, those signs only define the commercial block, not the boundaries listed at the website posted by AVN.

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