Coachella 2007 Roundup

I just got back from Coachella a few hours ago. I had a great time, and got a few photos of the event. I think I’ve been to every Coachella except the first one, and for the last 3 years I have programmed a little application called the Cocachooser. Doing this programming gets me fairly unrestricted access to the event.

The last couple of years I stayed in a friend’s RV, before that I camped a few years, and before that I did the hotel thing. This year I bit the bullet and rented my own RV, which was very convenient as it allowed me to leave everything in one place and just carry with me what I would need (cameras). It also provided a place for me to drink, and the combination of whisky and the hot sun resulted in me not seeing any of the headliners. Oh well, I still had a great time.

Xeni covered Coachella in a three part series on BoingBoing and used a bunch of my photos. Don Garza thinks that the MSM are covering Coachella because of me, and I appreciate that thought, but I didn’t have anything to do with it.

LAist posted almost nothing in comparison to the onslaught of pre-Coachella posts they put up, although Tony Pierce did take the time to whine about expensive festival food, lines, and distant parking in his Coachella Breakup post... did he really sell his press tickets and then brag about it online?

Update: Oops… taking the Greyhound to, or more specifically home from, Coachella may have been a bad idea as dozens of stranded concertgoers have found out the hard way.

Update 2: Tony pierce has commented that he didn’t have press tickets, so he sold the tickets he bought, which is no big deal. Sorry for the baseless accusation, Tony.

11 thoughts on “Coachella 2007 Roundup”

  1. Funny thing about that water bottle pile photo… coachella decided this year to exchange 10 empty water bottles for a full bottle. At the end of the show there were hardly any empties on the ground.

  2. For a Coachella wrap your post sure ends on an odd note taking umbrage with Pierce’s choice not to blanket the fest as you did. That I don’t care what he did with his tickets might be coloring my opinion a bit, but to leapfrog from your coverage and enjoyment and take a slap that insinuates Pierce made some sort of ethics breach strikes me as a cheap shot that detracts from your accomplisment.

  3. The whole ticket selling thing really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m hoping he will respond that they were tickets he bought with his own money.

  4. why stand in the hot sun paying $7 for pizza when there was SO MUCH FREE STUFF to be had at parties all around the area?

  5. Funny thing, although I had a fridge full of food in the RV, I still went out of my way to have festival food. I mean seriously, how often do you get to eat funnel cakes?

  6. way tp talk about yourself…A LOT.

    and then disparage someone else by ASSuming something that wasn’t even true. that’s excellent.

    i personally found the bombardment of coachella postings quite boring, as well as the photography

    just another reason to dislke this site even more and head back on over to LAist where the writers tend to focus more on the subject as oppose to themselves

  7. ummm… tony didnt outright say he didnt have press tickets, or that he didnt get press comps on those tickets. just sayin.

  8. well, maybe you should’ve looked into that beforehand. you’re all upset about the ethics of someone possibly selling comp tickets, but you’re fine with accusing someone over the internet, nonetheless, without even knowing the facts. those are some ethics you have there

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