Ex-SNL actor ordered to wear alcohol sniffing ankle bracelet

TMZ reports that actor Tracy Morgan from “30 Rock” agreed to a plea deal to avoid a 30 day jail that requires him to wear a “SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) device” for 90 days plus five days of community service. He recently was arrested in New York City for drunk driving, which violated terms of his parole for a previous Los Angeles DUI conviction.

The website for Alcohol Monitoring Systems describes the SCRAM as “the world’s only alcohol testing ankle bracelet that automatically tests for alcohol consumption every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” The 8oz device “tests vapor as it migrates through the skin in order to measure for alcohol consumption” and then sends the data wirelessly to a monitoring center.

In Morgan’s case, if alcohol is detected he’ll receive a warning and the 90 day clock will be reset. If alcohol is detected a second time, he’ll be required to serve the original 30 day sentence.

Between this and reports that Paris Hilton has been reported driving around L.A. in spite of DUI convictions, is indicative to me not that the rich are treated differently, but that drunk driving isn’t taken seriously by the criminal justice system of Los Angeles.

No word if the plot line for “Disturbia 2” will feature a SCRAM device.

Morgan has until May 25th to get his drink on, when he’ll be equipped with the device at a Los Angeles Superior Court.