Sweatin’ Bullets: For the girls

hooters.jpgKrawalla Madchen interviews Wonder Woman and Supergir- OH MY GOD, LOOK! HOOTERS!
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Christine Daniels, the sportswriter formerly known as Mike Daniels, will be blogging about her gender transition at the LA Times newest blog, Woman In Progress.

Between their in depth coverage of Coachella and now their handy guide to surviving the Festival of Books, the rock stars at LAist are kicking ass (and keeping me on my toes).

Glozell asks if its true that dirty white people “can take a bath, comb their hair and get a job quicker than a qualified black person.”

It appear that the downtown bloggers have gained some ground in their fight for residents rights vs. out of control film crews. POVs at View from a Loft and BlogDowntown.

Andrew at Here in Van Nuys bemoans a plan by some West Van Nuys residents to repackage/raname themselves “Lake Balboa”.

What are those strange contraptions attached to the tire wells of Fords around L.A.? Fightin’ Mad Mary demands an answer.

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