Rio de Los Angeles State Park


Taylor Yards in Cypress Park, sandwiched between San Fernando Road and the LA River, opened its doors last week as a new park: the Rio de Los Angeles State Park. The long battle by local groups to keep the yards from turning into warehouses has paid off nicely, a large piece of industrial use land has been converted back into a space welcoming of humans. The designers seem to have succeeded in incorporating the recreational needs of the local community with the needs for ecological preservation. I made a little trip to take a look around, click thru if you want to play! (Caution: lots of pics ahead.)


As you come in through the San Fernando Rd. / Future St. entrance you notice the tall grasses. They’ve put them throughout the park but have left lots of lawn space as well.


Lots of parking right now.


For recreation there are basketball courts.


And concrete picnic tables for those only interested in watching the game.


Canchas de F√∫tbol, to train the players of the next United Statesian sport.


Though these are on plastic grass. Seems comfy to walk on but weird when you want to pull off a blade.


Life sized ping pong tables.


And crazily, baseball diamonds. Didn’t we all vote that it’s the most boring sport in the world and nobody should ever play it? I sure remember casting that one.


There’s a water fountain for the lil’ sluggers..


..but the plumbers must hate baseball as well cuz the water tastes like shit.


A nod to necessary human functions, there are two of these bathroom structures in the park.


There’s better tasting water near the toilets. Ja, ja, funny but true.


If you keep walking along the pathway you’ll come to the naturey part, which includes a bit with water and some signs with bilingual quizzes.


Big flat rocks congregate in this area. Beware, I think they’re planning to stone someone.


A bench with his and hers trash cans.


Tree branches artfully placed.

It’s quite serene around this area, until the train comes around.


A picnic table far away from everything else. Something tells me people will be fighting to claim this one on a Saturday morning.


Work is still being done on this structure, I think it’s going to be a community center.


Also included is one of the newer styles of playground equipment.


The classic of self propelled entertainment makes the cut: swings!


But the absolute best part of this whole park has got to be this playful water feature. With all kinds of water spouts, fountains, and canons this looks like it’ll be the most popular attraction this coming summer, it was fun just watching from the sidelines! Check out this short clip.

If we can only get rid of them pesky kids and make it a water court for adults, now that would be fun!

10 thoughts on “Rio de Los Angeles State Park”

  1. Awesome tour El Chavo! Looks like an excellent place but with that pic of the murky water coming out of the drinking fountain I will definitely remember to bring my own.

  2. Thanks for the tour, love your commentary, especially the life size ping pong tables! Nice to see some green space taken back and put together so we all can enjoy…but plastic grass?

  3. I got kicked off that astro turf field. The guy told me I had to have a permit to use it. I asked him if I could buy a permit, and he said I would have to wait until Monday. He didn’t even know how much the permit cost.

    That is bullshit.

    The park IS nice though. Access to it, as a pedestrian is pretty dangerous if you’re coming from Cypress Park. Cypress Park Blvd. has no lights nor crosswalks in place. People drive really fast on that road, and one opening day I saw two dangerous situations with parents and their kids trying to get across that street to the park.

  4. where are the trees?! why not include a community vegetable garden? This place looks way too sterile, flat, sports oriented…

  5. Since there have been a few posts recently on the local graf scene, I think it is worth mentioning that Taylor used to be a pretty famous place for LA writers. Not quite on Belmont’s level, but noteworthy nonetheless. Sometimes I feel like an old fogey when I go off on these “I remember when…” rants, but as Los Angeles (especially the areas surrounding downtown) is in the middle of such rapid change, let’s not forget how things used to be.

  6. I hope no kids get hit crossing the road.

    I’m so glad they did something with that barren piece of land. There’s nothing around there for the neighborhood kids.

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