C’mon, Folks! Let’s All Get Together and…Shred Paper?

Logo Communityshred Usa LAt first blush, the 2007 USA National Community Shred event that’s happening tomorrow sounds pretty lame. But given the fearsome specter of identity theft, maybe teaching people the value of shredding documents instead of just throwing them in the trash is actually kind of a good idea. If you’ve got a bunch of sensitive documents and a desire to watch them get munched into tiny bits, head on over to the Office Depot in Little Tokyo tomorrow and the folks from Crime Stoppers and Shred-it will show you how the pros do it. They’ll also probably encourage you to go into said Office Depot and buy a shredder of your own, and given how easy it is for people to get credit under your name that’s probably a good idea.

One thought on “C’mon, Folks! Let’s All Get Together and…Shred Paper?”

  1. damn! I wish I’d read this earlier! I finally decided to go ahead and shred all those docs I’ve slowly been using as kindling for my fireplace. Does Kinkos offer shredding for those of us who don’t care to invest in a shredder?

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