Blogging and Beyond at the Festival of Books

While I can’t argue with the Los Anjealous’ editors picks for this weekend’s Festival of Books, I did want to give special mention to tomorrows 10:30am panel: Blogging and Beyond, with RJ Smith moderating a panel made up of LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick, The Homicide Report’s Jill Leovy, and some dude named Hugh Hewitt.

If any other readers or writers are attending, drop me a note so we can all arrange a giant wave in the audience.

Tickets for this panel are sold out – but I have a pair of extra tickets available, first come first serve. Just email me (unsomnambulist at gmail) and let me know if you need one or two passes. Additional tickets may be made available on site tomorrow morning, and there will also be a standby line.

3 thoughts on “Blogging and Beyond at the Festival of Books”

  1. Although I love the Festival of Books, I can’t help but feel some anger towards the planners this year since they scheduled it right before finals for professional students. Specifically, law students are the most affected since a high level of visitors enter the building and disrupt the silence around the library and study rooms. You know it is going to be tough when the Dean of Students sends an email to all students telling them to stay away from UCLA this weekend–final on Monday morning for me–ughh.

  2. Hi UCLA Law buddy.

    I’m going in anyways, just to show them! Get in the way of my Income Tax exam and pay for it with your life.

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