Surf Report 4/26 – It must be summer


If you tore your wetsuit, busted your board, and had post-nasal drip mushroom into a flu, then you probably spent the last two weeks out of the water and on your couch playing Kelly Slater Pro Surfer. I also watched a lot of surf videos on Fuel TV and saw a really weird sketch about two burnout locals at Malibu, starring the Malloy Brothers…and Ben Stiller (turns out, they’re filming a surf comedy together called “Big Wave“). The waves were sorta fun this morning, but man, it was crowded. Over 30 people in the water by 7:30am. One guy was riding a potato chip and catching everything. Another guy looked at the surf timidly from the shore, wishing he brought arm floaties. Today was a mixed bag.

Photo reposted with permissssionss from Swellmagnet.

4 thoughts on “Surf Report 4/26 – It must be summer”

  1. turns out, they’re filming a surf comedy together called “Big Wave”

    Man, I don’t know about that. Out Cold was seriously, seriously bad. Hopefully they’ve got a better writer on board this time around.

  2. F.U.N.

    No crowds were I was ;)

    Sorry to hear you have been out of the drink that long. The last 3 or so weeks have been insane around these parts.

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