Offshore Report (April 25)

dolphinicon.gifThe Blue Whales are back. They’ve been sited in the channel off of Pt. Vicente at least three times in the past week. Humpbacks and Fin whales are also making appearances as there have been great “boiling masses of bait fish” sited even from shore.

dolphinicon.gifThe northbound migration of cow-calf pairs of Pacific Gray Whales is picking up. So far 33 have been spotted for the season, at least a half a dozen of those in the past week.

dolphinicon.gifLast night’s lecture at the American Cetacean Society meeting was fantabulous. Captain Mat had some excellent photos from his 12 years on the Condor Express. (more after the jump)


If you love marine life and have never been out on a naturalist trip to the Channel Island Marine Sanctuary you are a FOOL! I didn’t even realize this when I first moved to Los Angeles, but we have within a two hours drive one of the most diverse and exciting places to watch whales on the planet.

You can pick from just about any month of the year and something will be going on – be it Gray Whales on their migration path or the Humpback Whales and Blues there to feed in the spring and summer months and recently even Orcas. Yes, all of these whales make occasional appearances in Santa Monica Bay, but these guys are faithfully returning to the Santa Barbara Channel.

There’s a full day trip planned by the American Cetacean Society to see the Humpback Whales on Saturday, May 26th. The trip is an all day affair – leaving the dock at 8 AM and returning sometime around 4 PM. There’s an earlybird discount right now, you can get tickets for just $85 each that include a continental breakfast. A regular Condor Express half day trip is usually $88 for a half day trip.

I’m planning on going and I’ll post my photos and trip experience afterwards … then you’ll weep because you’re such a dope for not coming along.

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  1. thanks for the update always nice to know that the whales around as that means our waters are safe enough for us to play in. Count down to summer has started here.

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