Who said the what now?

[it gets bigger]

Beverly and Highland, but also on billboards all over.

I’m sure it’s a marketing campaign for some dumb movie, but


10 thoughts on “Who said the what now?”

  1. That’s like those billboards they had up last year that said (something like) “Who is John Varley?”

    I never did find out the answer to that.

    As for this, a quick google search reveals that it’s a marketing promo for Ask.com and other posters say ‘The Algorithm kills Jeeves.’

    What does any of that mean? Why would I want to use ask.com if they’re this bizarre and unintelligible? Heck if I know.

  2. I just went to ask.com and asked what the algorithm finds and the cubicles parted and the acoustic ceiling opened up and this white light blinded me and angels started singing. It was righteous right until my computer started burning and god told me I needed to build an arc.

  3. Thanks for the link Hilary, its really all a ploy to get us to use them thinking we all believe in divine intervention. Thats what AA is for, just Ask Bill W.

  4. yeah, I was going to point out that there was an “the algorithm killed Jeeves” billboard by my house, but it looks like the mystery is solved.

    to quote south park, “dude, no one uses ask jeeves anymore!”

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