Whales of Summer at Cabrillo Aquarium

Tonights’ speaker at the American Cetacean Society’s monthly lecture isn’t some dry scientist repeating statistics and nomenclature. Captain Mat Curto takes visitors around the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary to see dozens of different species of marine life year round.

I’ve been to Santa Barbara to ride the Condor Express and have seen the Humpback and Blue Whales and have to say that if you can’t get up there (or even if you’re planning a trip already) it’s a fun way to familarize yourself with what’s there. Tonight he’ll be presenting the best of his 12 years on the seas.

7:30 PM
Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
3720 Stephen M. White Drive
San Pedro

(Has anyone been watching the Planet Earth documentaries?)

By Captain Mat Curto

The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary in Southern California is now recognized as one of the premier whale watching destinations in the world. During the winter months, gray whales migrate through the area in impressive numbers. In the spring, the playful humpback whales move in to feed on schooling fish. In the summer it is the turn of massive blue whales to steal the show. And throughout the year several species of dolphins are encountered on almost every trip, as well as friendly California sea lions. In all, some 35 species of marine mammals have been recorded in the area.

Captain Mat Curto has been a captain on the area’s premier natural history vessel, the Condor Express, since 1995. An East Coast native, Captain Mat came to California to get away from commercial fishing. He takes great pride in finding marine mammals under all conditions, and consistently giving his passengers an unforgettable trip. Captain Mat will share some of the most memorable sightings of the past twelve years with us. This lecture will also serve as a primer for the upcoming ACS Humpback Adventure on Saturday, May 26.

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  1. Planet Earth is GORGEOUS and I can’t get enough. While it is depressing to think of what we are doing to the planet, I still find myself marveling at the amazing abundance and variety on earth. I’m glad I have tivo so I can pause and go back after a “oh my god I have to see that again” moment. I will probably buy the dvds so I can watch it again and again.

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