Maneuvers over Silver Lake
These four CDF choppers circled Silver Lake quite a few times just now, then split off and began circling various ridges individually. Another huge helicopter (same basic shape as the Sikorsky Seahorse, though it was too far off to get a good view) was also circling Los Feliz. Anyone have any idea what they were up to? (click to enlarge)

6 thoughts on “Maneuvers over Silver Lake”

  1. No idea about that, but this evening on the 134, I was passed by a half-sized commuter style bus which had been all whited out including all the windows, had police lights on the top and just ‘HOMELAND SECURITY’ on the side with the seal. Kind of creepy in an Orwellian sort of way.

  2. The CDF helos are probably Bell 412.

    The other bird that was too far away to see may have been a Sikorsky Skycrane. These are the mother of all firefighting helicopters. They’ve been out of production for a long time, but the ones that remain are used for carrying big (huge for a helicopter) loads.

    Alternatively, you may have seen one of the LASD Sikorskys. These are/were former military helos that were rescued and restored. They are now painted in the LA County Sheriff’s colors, and they look like the UH-34 because that’s what they are.

  3. Definitely *not* a Skycrane – those things are identifiable from a mile away. More likely the UH34, though it was painted in this odd green camo pattern. Never seen anything like it.

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