Kickin’ It With Cousins* at the Brewery Artwalk

artists%20and%20mat.JPGSo the bi-annual Brewery Artwalk was last weekend, and I did a great deal of lounging about, holding down couches and stuff, at various friends’ warehouse spaces.

I made a good college try to get around and see what was up. Nothing too terribly new, but the good ole’ faves are the way to go, IMHO. And my friends always make cool shit. A few pics behind the jump, including art ho’s, a hissing cockroach, a dragon, and an imminent gyno examination–plus a flickr link.

[photo of a friend, artist artist Stephanie Mercado, and curator / publisher of Coagula Art Journal, Mat Gleason.]

*those who know the song allusion know what I’m listening to as I blog this

Artwalkers in the ever-present line for food…

Pimpin’ ain’t easy…unless you’re an artist.

Sean Hannity’s gorgeous two-headed dragon in Abundant Sugar.

Psycho Girlfriend artist Vanessa Bonet with an accessory for one of her fashions (really), a giant cockroach. It fits in a screen placket on a bell-shaped skirt comprised of numerous plackets, all containing…leetle friends.

Metblogger and Brewery denizen Kathleen with her very own gyno table and a willing examiner standing by.

More images here.

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