A little guy named Dio! Maybe you’ve heard of him?

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/04/dio01-thumb.jpgJust a reminder that Black Sabbath Heaven & Heaven are playing the Forum this Wednesday, April 25th! A small band named Megadeath will be opening and in the parking lot it’ll be open tailgate season. Tickets are still for sale so don’t blow this one… get your tickets now! Think about it… Where else are you gonna find people watching this good? You aren’t finding that anywhere. Dio will be the really short dude on stage “Squeezing Oranges” and I’ll be the one in the second row yelling “OHHHHHH COME ON” after they go into “The Mob Rules”!

One thought on “A little guy named Dio! Maybe you’ve heard of him?”

  1. ill be the guy upfront banging it hard when the Elf steps to the mic for that song. little thing called ronnie james, 67 and still ripping!! yeah!!!

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