No Meadow For You

The Silver Lake Meadow

I was really excited this morning to head over to the Silver Lake Meadow since it was going to be open to the public for the first time in 60 some years. My initial plans to ride my bike (even with it’s currently sketchy breaks) was foiled when I found both tires to have gone flat while I was out of town. And then the truck wouldn’t start. So I decided that it was a nice enough day to just leash up the dogs and walk over. It’s about 2 miles exactly from my door step to the meadow so I was pretty relieved when we finally got there and I saw tons of people hanging out and tents and all kinds of stuff. Of course that ended when I wasn’t allowed to go in because I had my dogs with me. The security guard at the gate said that dogs were not permitted on the meadow. I mentioned that I’d just walked over and none of the invites I received said anything about that, but he held firm. I pressed a little further – “so you are telling me that I can’t take my dogs into the outside” “Right” When I asked why, he said “for sanitary purposes” to which I replied “So it’s OK for me to have them out here on the sidewalk, but I can’t take them into that lot that’s most likely full of coyote crap?” “Yes, you need to leave now”

So I got thrown out without even getting in, thanks to my 7lb miniature pinschers. OK, maybe my charming personality had something to do with it too.

16 thoughts on “No Meadow For You”

  1. So they were afraid a couple of dogs might make a poo and it gets washed into the reservoir? With them nicely leashed there should have been no issues. Aye Aye Aye….whats this world coming to? (Rhetorical no answer expected).

  2. You weren’t the only one Sean. When Susan and I were leaving we heard a woman with her canines complaining about the fact that there was no “no dogs” instruction on any of the materials that went out. Crappy oversight and a silly rule.

  3. Given the large numbers of people that were there and the fact that too many dog owners are idiots (I’ve had more than one outdoor meal ruined by people who had their dogs off-leash in areas where it was posted that no pets were allowed at all), restricting dogs is not unreasonable. But they should have put it on the notices.

    That said, if they guy at the gate says, don’t bring your dogs in, don’t expect any excuses to let your dogs in. All you do is establish that you think that you’re special and rules shouldn’t apply to you.

  4. “All you do is establish that you think that you’re special and rules shouldn’t apply to you.”

    I wasn’t trying to talk him into anything, rules are rules, but I wanted to make sure if he was enforcing it he knew how stupid the rule was.

  5. Also, the bigger point is that since Dogs are allowed in every other outside area around the lake, if they weren’t going to be allowed here that should have been on the invites and notices, as the reasonable assumption is that, like any other park in the city, you could take a dog there.

  6. when i first moved to LA it seemed like pretty much everybody was very self involved, especially the actors. however, as the days grew into months and the months into years, blah blah blah, it became very apparent, that THE WRITERS and especially the cool LA bloggers were even more self involved, pummelling readers with their personal plights.

    a good writer who is still obsessed with themselves, such as the angry desk job girl on myspace(i think she has a website now), and this is not a plug, can write about a subject, talk about how it has effected their life, and write about it in a way that the reader can completely understand and identity with.

    none of the bloggers here do that. the postings are usually more about themselves and not the subject — which is usually more interesting.

  7. Then why was there a big sign right there on the fence by the entrance that said that you’re supposed to clean up after your dog?

    And why were there other dogs there? (I’ll dig through my pics in a little while.)

  8. Here’s one of my photos.

    If they were not allowing dogs into the park the rule was applied inconsistently. However, we arrived around 11 am (and saw Jillian plus a companion we don’t feel at liberty to name). Perhaps the rule was not about excrement coming out of the dogs’ butts, but to provide the peace and quiet so that we might hear what was coming from the people’s mouths at the open forum.

  9. Jesus, this is news–your dogs weren’t let into a park because, uh, there was a rule not permitting dogs in a park? Yawn.

  10. David, I made a snarky comment, and you responded absent snarkiness. How dare you respond in a professional, reasonable, and–dare I say–friendly manner? Are you trying to make me look foolish? Well, my good man, you may have succeeded. Curses.

    Peace and pieces of pizza.

  11. No worries, Chris. Sometimes what we write here is news, sometimes its just to get an aggravation off our chest, but almost always its because the writer thinks some readers might agree.
    Feel free to always voice your opinion.

  12. More to the point, I went to the meeting but didn’t hear whether they plan to let dogs in the meadow if and when it is opened to the public. It seems likely that since the dogs have already trashed the other end of the lake that they would make the meadow a no-dog zone, so dog owners might have to deal with that.

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