LA Twittering?

twitter.pngAnyone in Los Angeles using Twitter to keep friends updated on your location and what you are up to? I admit that when I first saw Twitter last year I didn’t see the usefulness of it at all, but since they’ve added options to let you choose exactly who you get notifications from, and how you get them, it makes a lot more sense. And this was proven to me in the last few weeks that I’ve been on the road in cities where people from all over were using it to coordinate. Honestly the coolest part of using it is sending a message like “having brunch at _______” and then 15 minutes later friends you didn’t know were coming just showing up because they got your message and were in the area. I know a small handful of people in LA who are using it, but was wondering if there were more I didn’t know about. What about you, are you on there? Post twitter names in the comments, it’s probably not too shocking that I’m seanbonner.

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  1. Hey…been following your blog (and metroblogging) for awhile…good stuff!

    Twitter name = slippy

    You might also know my Twitter friend: LindsayLohan. haha….

  2. Twitter name = dewelch

    I find it very useful to coordinate with some groups I work with that are scattered all over the globe. IN some cases, we have even been able to get together ad hoc “mobs” at online events.



  3. Twitter name = los_anjalis

    Enjoying using twitter so far, but enjoying more the potential of it. Haven’t had a lot of luck getting my non-geek friends to join (unlike other social networking schemes).

    Other twitter name = cure_this

    Experimenting with uses of twitter. I’m starting a website on people-powered health justice discussions. In the meantime, i’m twittering on LA health/society issues and health tips. you know you want cure_this as your friend…

  4. Twitter name = gregg

    I live in Los Feliz, but most of my twitter friends are coworkers around the country. Would definitely enjoy having some locals twittering.

  5. Hi Sean!

    While announcing that I “twitter” professionally might cause concern, I will admit here (shhh, don’t tell anyone) that I have been playing with Twitter as one of our avenues for announcing significant emergency or newsworthy events in the City. THE FEATURE IS DORMANT AT THIS TIME, but may be resurrected in the weeks to come (budget and staff time permitting).

    …in the meanwhile, I’m using Googlegroups for a (beta) LAFD_ALERT system, which any of you are welcome to join. The e-mail signup box is at the bottom of the orange colored widget that appears below the heading of “Breaking News (beta)”.

    We’ve got soooooooo many cool ideas, but remain hampered in the staff time and expertise to make them happen. As soon as we get an idea on where the new budget will leave us, I’ll probably reach out to LA’s blogosphere with a cry for HELLLLLLP!

    Again, the LAFD Twitter account does not actively update (at this time), but the LAFD_ALERT Googlegroup welcomes the crowd at b/la to join our beta test. No ‘Google’ membership is required. Full details can be found at:

    Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service (from home today)

    Brian Humphrey


    Public Service Officer

    Los Angeles Fire Department

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