Art Walk Tips

vanessa.jpgIf you’re headed to Art Walk at the Brewery this weekend, be prepared for a little detour. The main street bridge is closed for the weekend. This is great coordination on the part of the city, because Main St is the easiest way to get to the Brewery. Instead you’ll have to detour up to Broadway and then take 20th street to main.

Once you make it, be sure to stop by Psycho Girlfriend [disclaimer, I think these girls rock, they are my friends and I will pimp what they do shamelessly]. Kasey was the person who did the CompuBeaver casemod that was covered on Engadget and Wired a weeks ago. You can see it in person! Please note, this is not a robot, so the beaver will not be doing a robotic dance.

There’s always a plethora of fantastically dressed manikins and larger than life puppets – along with the new creations – an aluminum dress and a twirling ballerina. Really, this is one art walk stop you won’t want to miss. Where else can you see a dress with a hamster, spitting cockroaches or touch meal worms?

Kathleen already ran down a list of notable stops, and to that I’d also add my friends at Theory Labs, Kevin Flint – whose re-designed industrial loft is a must stop – that is – if you like the goth, dark dungeon look and Sean Sobczak, whose double headed dragon will be on display at Abundant Sugar.

There – get your art on.
* photo of Vanessa Bonet and Mathilde