A (Silver Lake) Meadow Lark

As Ruth reported here on Thursday, the Silver Lake Reservoir meadow, a marvelous piece of fenced-off greenspace on the east side of the water was open to the public for 120 minutes this morning and reportedly the first time in 60 years partly in celebration of Earth Day and partly to present plans and allow the public to step up to the mic and yell yay or nay or feh or rawk or pfft or cool. Among some of the populi voxing there was concern about the impact on the meadow’s wildlife, area parking, pedestrian dangers, as well as oddly enough the impact the open meadow with have on Cal-Poly peeps to park 18-wheelers in front of the Neutra house they own across the street. Go figure. I tried to get a “Let The Trucks Park” chant going, but Councilman Tom LaBonge gave me a sideways glance that guilted me into submission.

Personally my favorite dialog was between a particularly adamant citizen vehemently opposed to opening the meadow and Councilman Eric Garcetti, who’s not:

Citizen: You go right ahead and smirk, Eric.
Garcetti: I’m not smirking.
Citizen: Oh yes you are.
Garcetti: Trust me. I’m not.

Anyway, I listened to the give and take a bit but mainly wandered the wonderous expanse snapping pictures, including this pano from as close to the water’s edge as I was allowed by burly DWP security personnel (click for scrollicious biggification):


More pix of the meadow and the walk to and from it are here on Flickr.

8 thoughts on “A (Silver Lake) Meadow Lark”

  1. I know I was smirking at her.

    Some people seem to not grasp the idea that a manicured lawn is not wilderness, and that letting people play on a manicured lawn does not mean you’ve lost green space.

  2. AP, I was in the smirk section too. While I the woman’s defense of coyotes warmed my heart, her message got lost in such a hardline stance against humans in general and the councilmembers present in particular.

  3. silverlake is full of frigging NIMBYs. i cant believe these selfish home owners would want to prevent a beautiful park from opening up that everyone can enjoy. its like those jerks who live by bellevue park who tried to stop the local kids from playing night games. it should be like central park. lets not let a small bunch of angry silverlake jerks stop the right thing from happening – the park is for the people!!!

  4. I am a pet sitter, dog walker, and animal lover who lives on W. Silver Lake Drive. I have the luxury of watching and admiring the wonder of the creatures who live inside the fence around the silver lake reservoir. The single blue heron nest that appeared 12 years ago has now turned into an entire colony (I just returned from marveling at 4 babies in 2 separate nests being nurtured by their mothers). I love to watch the mallards who come every winter, hook up and nest in the spring. My whole family stops what we’re doing when the coyotes begin to howl every full moon (like a cliche!). I could go on and on.

    I walk around the reservoir several times daily, I often pick up litter and dog poop left behind by others. But there’s really not that much. There’s another neighborhood woman who does it every single morning. I also walk around Echo Park lake as part of my work. When was the last time you saw someone over there picking up trash? When was the last time you wanted to go there to admire nature?

    I propose that those of you who believe the Meadow is nothing more than a big open green space that wouldn’t be changed by allowing humans in, take a few days to walk around and look inside. Like I do. I love it dearly.

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