What will you be doing at 4:20 today?

State of Grace enlightens us on the significance of today.

It’s 4/20.

“So, what?” most of us of a certain age and/or culture will inquire.

Ah, I said the same thing several years ago. My stepkids enlightened me when I, too, said “So?” They informed me that today is a day to celebrate marijuana and 4:20pm is the time to smoke it.

And to celebrate, I’ve heard that some dispensaries are offering 10% off. Unfortunately I will not be partaking of the 4:20 celebration. But I’m sure there will be some in my WeHo hood. At least you can play this song.

Please note: don’t try to “crash” one of these parties because these are medical establishments. You must have a prescription and be a member.

7 thoughts on “What will you be doing at 4:20 today?”

  1. lol…420 has been the code for getting stoned since I was in highschool….how did you miss that one? Even Tom Leykis has been promoting 420 for years on the radio.

  2. Frazgo, you must be younger than 50 years old. Probably even younger than that. Fifty-two year old geezers like me have been naive to the 420 reference until recently. Unless you were a Deadhead, or one of the original users of code 420 (that is, you went to San Rafael High School in 1972), then the 20-30 year old kids tell you about this stuff.

    Thanks Heatherv. for the kind linkage. See you on Twitter, dollin.

  3. Well Graced a smidge younger than you, my best friends brothers were Deadheads back in the day, and even in the Ozarks we knew about 420. After all some of the best available in the central plains came out of my neck of the woods when the stills quit brewing.

  4. Rock on everyone. I myself only learned about the 420 reference a couple years ago. I was at burning man camped at 4:30 and something. Some guy came up to me and was like, hey is this/it 4:20 here? Being the clueless non-pot smoking burner I answered, no we’re 4:30 here. In retrospect, I must have totally cracked the dude up. The story cracks me up today.

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