Reminder: Get Your Book Festival Tickets Sunday

OMG. I just looked at my Google calendar and I have a busy weekend! I’m going for dinner at the Farmer’s Market and seeing Hot Fuzz at the Grove tonight with friends. The fiance and I are going up to the Silver Lake Meadow tomorrow AM, because we’re just dying to get into it after having it taunt us during our reservoir walks. Then there’s the Brewery Artwalk tomorrow afternoon, to be followed by going with a dozen or so friends to Bar Sinister. And then, Sunday, once I recover from Saturday, I’ve been lucky enough to be included in a particularly, special 1947project-related event, which I’m sure will give me lots to write here about on Sunday and Monday.

But on Sunday, I also have to remember to get my LA Times Festival of Books tickets. Markland posted about the highlights a while ago, for those of you who have forgotten. And sessions are actually $0.75 this year – still a small price to pay, obviously, but the first time there’s been a charge.

OK, I have to go gear up for Hot Fuzz now. Anyone seen a preview of it yet?

5 thoughts on “Reminder: Get Your Book Festival Tickets Sunday”

  1. I think the charge is only if you want to use TicketMaster online to get your tickets. If you go wait in line in person as you’ve had to do every other year it’s still no charge.

    And I saw Hot Fuzz in London a few months ago. If you liked Shaun of the Dead you won’t be able to resist it.

  2. I saw HOT FUZZ at the Aero a couple weeks ago, and we’re taking a bunch of people with us to see it again at the Arclight tomorrow. So yeah! It was awesome. I do have a deep love for these guys (have you seen SPACED? It’s the best show ever), so I’m probably a little biased, but I thought it was almost more successful than SHAUN in its continuity of tone and structure. Edgar and Simon know how to write a movie, and add in Nick Frost and every English comedian ever, and you’ve got a hell of a funny movie.

  3. Hot Fuzz is absolutely brilliant! I have seen it and can’t recommend it enough to friends. If you loved Shaun, you will love it for sure. I thought it was almost funnier. They are great writers!

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