Hey! You Got Your Substitute Vegetable Fats In My Chocolate!

Leave it to our Cybele to keep mum on the matter, so allow me to toot her candy-coated horn by pointing out that she has an excellent op-ed piece in today’s L.A. Times telling the FDA to keep its bureaucratic hands off a key ingredient that goes into making chocolate. If anyone should know why, it’s Cybele who covers the stuff on her popular CandyBlog. Congrats to her!

4 thoughts on “Hey! You Got Your Substitute Vegetable Fats In My Chocolate!”

  1. Damn…another sacred food group about to be legally bastardized. Can’t they make up a name like “cheesefood” so velveeta could be sold?

  2. Thanks for the kudos Will!

    I’m doing a drawing for a hundred bucks worth of chocolate to folks who spread the word and/or leave their thoughts on the FDA website.

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