Public Hearing on Echo Park Demolitions

9a.jpgDespite opposition from the community and from superhero Councilman Eric Garcetti, the LAUSD is planning to demolish more than 50 Echo Park homes and apartments for a new school. “Site 9A” is just south of that Lucy’s laudromat & Starbucks on Sunset Blvd. (right across from my beloved favorite restaurant Elf). The pic to the right shows 9A, highlighted; that green arrow is Lucy’s.

New schools are nifty, but IMHO the demolition and subsequent building would create a far more devastating impact on the community than more wholistic approaches to creating a new school, like converting existing buildings or collaborating with the community to find a better location. Folks are also saying school enrollment in the area’s plummetted in recent years, making the school sorta unnecessary as well. I happen to think schools are always necessary, and while enrollment may have dipped it will prolly go up, given LA’s tendency towards growth–but still it just seems to me that there are smarter ways to go about this. And that’s a helluva lot of taxpayer money to throw at a project if a school will only be filling half its seats.

The Echo Park Historical Society is urging folks to attend a public hearing Thursday, to discuss the project and fill out comment cards that address specific concerns. From an email sent out by the EPHS: The school district has continued to pursue plans to build a new school despite a steep decline in enrollment, which makes a new school unnecessary, and opposition from Council member Eric Garcetti, the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council and other groups. The hearing will be dedicated to comments on an environmental impact report.

More info… and the hearing is at 6:00pm tomorrow, at Rosemont Elementary School Auditorium, 421 Rosemont Avenue at Temple (googlemap).

2 thoughts on “Public Hearing on Echo Park Demolitions”

  1. The information needed is why the school system sees the need to build a new school. Is it to replace some older falling down, antiquated technology schools in the area? If so what happens to those schools when the new one is built? If its to close older schools that just aren’t safe anymore or so out of date a chalkboard is high tech, then it may well be warranted.

  2. Have you seen what that area looks like? The area needs to be demo’d….it’s blighted. It may have been nice at one time…but that was before Gangs took over. Hopefully a school will enrich the area and bring in a more stable and community spirited demographic.

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