It takes a meadow

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From the email I got from Andrew Sears:

Okay, so this is it. This could be the last single most important event that will decide the fate of the meadow on Silver Lake Blvd. Forty outspoken people are demanding that it remain locked even though 89% of the community (at 2 meetings last year) agreed that it should be open to the public.

This coming Saturday, 9-11 am, we have a sweet opportunity to go on the meadow (for the first time in 60 years) and hear the Observatory Orchestra play while we look one last time at the presentation drawings. There will be a speakout for people to voice their support for the project and for those of you who just want to relax, you’ll be able to get a feel for how beautiful a spot it is as you wander around and look over the reservoir with the music playing in the background (away from the noise and the traffic).

Please join us, this is more important than all of those indoor meetings and it will be fun.

More info here at the CSSLR website, which also has full details on this project and event.

13 thoughts on “It takes a meadow”

  1. I don’t live in your hood but I’ve got two thoughts about opening the resevoir to the public.

    1. Traffic and parking are going to be a disaster.
    2. People in LA are fucking littering slobs/pigs.

    Just my .02,

  2. Some people see accessibility to previously unused greenspace for all the negatives that may present themselves. I prefer to view the potential opening up the SLR meadow for all the positive impact it can have for the communities that surround it.

    I’ve heard the argument made that there’s enough parkland in the surrounding area. And certainly with Griffith, Echo, Elysian, Bellevue, Riverside, MacArthur, the Los Angeles Historic State Park and now the new Rio de Los Angeles opening this weekend this region of the city is not as park-starved as others.

    But the fact is in the not too far away future the Silver Lake Reservoir is going to become Silver Lake Park so people better get used to the idea and get down to the business of making sure it will be properly managed and maintained.

  3. I’ve always admired it while running around the lake, and after living in Silver Lake for four years, I’m sure the locals will help keep up the pristine verdancy of the meadow, not letting its condition quickly descend into the state of the nearby dog park.

    Also, I had always assumed that meadow/grassy knoll area was there to maintain a bigger perimeter around the reservoir so that the water couldn’t be tampered with. If this is not the case, what was the original purpose for sealing the area off?

  4. Green space and parkland in general is something LA is missing. I applaud everyone who makes the effort to open this place up for the good of all. What good is it fenced off and no one enjoys it?

  5. I support the opening of the Meadow whole-heartedly and look forward to the day when the fence is taken down around the entire lake. The opening of the Meadow is just the first step towards elevating the standard of living for all of us. The SL Reservoir and the open space it will provide is one of the greatest assets to the neighborhood and everyone deserves to enjoy it – no matter where they are from.

    Here is a bit of research from a 2000 study by the Urban Land Institute: the Los Angeles metropolitan area provides the lowest ratio of park space to total acreage of any city on the West Coast, and its per-capita park space significantly lags the national average. Silver Lake is uniquely positioned to be one of the greenest, most sustainable, and livable neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Almost all of us have benefited from the dramatic increase in property values – and will benefit more as planned improvements like the Meadow get put in place.

    As you may know, R. Neutra had a vision for the use of the Meadow: to turn it into an ecological park and demonstration garden center where children would be taught how things grow and to respect the land, water, and fragile ecology it is our privilege to inhabit. Part of the problem with “fencing” us off from “pristine” nature is that we begin to see nature as something separate from ourselves – we do not develop a sense of ownership and therefore do not protect or respect it. There are already homeless people sleeping on our streets, keeping the Meadow gated is not going to solve homelessness here.

    Its great to have so many people involved in the discussion of what to do and how to use our nearest public space. Lets keep the conversation going as the next phases evolve. Someday we will have a big beautiful park in the middle of Silver Lake that will benefit us all. Voicing our concerns is the first step towards designing and implementing solutions – and identifying areas for increased education to ensure a greener future for us all.

  6. I live in silver lake and I’m looking forward to this event. LA desperately needs more parks.

  7. Hey …… NO!! To your Burger King!!! No!! To your Gap!!!! NO!! To your Home Depot!!! NO!! To your Silverlake Center!!! We do need a good bookstore though….perhaps Book Soup ll.

  8. And NO!! to your casino and NO!! to your turning Griffith Park into a theme park.

    Who are these people?

  9. … any time I see a website or group that starts with “friends of…” I get skeptical.

  10. Hey Coffe Burt, AP & Will,

    Did you know that the word “gullible” isn’t in the dictionary. Really. Try and look it up.

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