There’s nothing like escaping from reality…

…even for a few hours.

Since yesterday, I have been engrossed with the unfolding story at Virginia Tech, taking me mentally out of Los Angeles and hurting at the thought of this horrible tragedy.

As someone who still is greiving over the loss of someone close less than a year ago, I can’t help but to put myself in the place of the families who have suddenly and senselessly lost someone they love.

I decided that I needed to put reality aside for a little while tonight and decided to watch a movie (one made by a major studio), one with no shootings and explosions. So that’s what I did.

And for 2+ hours (I watched all the special features on the DVD, too), I escaped the reality of the last two days, a job I’m not happy at, and the loss of losing my Dad last year.

So this is a “thank you” to Los Angeles, indeed “Hollywood,” and everyone who makes movies. Sometimes I forget how wonderful it is to (temporarily) forget my woes.

14 thoughts on “There’s nothing like escaping from reality…”

  1. Hey Markland, you want to see capitalizing on the tragedy? Read this blog post:

    Notice the time on that posting – the Brady Campaign lobby had made new graphics for their freaking FUNDRAISING PLEA within hours of the shooting. Thats 10x worse than anything the pro-gun folks have done….

  2. Sam, Rahul is one of the anti-gun folks as well. I’m not interested in the debate either way at this point. And, apologies for my candor, but arguing who’s worse is equally repulsive.

  3. More importantly, as Cutter asked, what movie was it?

    That said, with tragedies like this I find more solace in absorbing myself in the news coverage. It may not help me make sense of it all, but to see the courage of the friends and families directly impacted has importance to me.

    And then, a little escapism is definitely the way to go.

  4. anyone else find it a little funny about the “social pressures that foster violence”? i have no idea where that came from.

    joz, i think you make a great point about what the entertainment industry is all about. and i’m glad it actually worked this time!

  5. joz, i know. :) but what a really awful way to go about doing it. at least try for some connection or subtlety?

  6. WHOA!!!! Wow – I read joz’s post and was thinking – hmmm… that’s cool, finally a reason to see a movie (I tend to avoid almost everything generated by “the industry”) – and I was thinkin’— “now that’s a different take on this whole awful thing”. Then I read the comments.

    Seems like there’s NO escape from those with their little agendas and their seeming need to impose their points of view on others. Joz – cool post, just for what it is.

    As for me, the past three days – I’ve just delved deeply into my work.and generally avoided discussing the VT shooting. Oh, I’m well aware of the events, but I don’t see myself being able to contribute much of anything new to the discussion. Think I’ll watch a movie tonight.

  7. Will, I believe your concerns were addressed in the fine 1980s situation comedy BOSOM BUDDIES. As I recall, that very tragedy befell Tom Hanks and that blond guy.

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