Sweatin’ Bullets: Guitar Hero

Photo by yamchild from “the acid mothers temple show at the troubador. it’s a closeup of guitarist makoto kawabata.” Used under Creative Commons.

Oh no! One of my favorite movie houses, the Mann National in Westwood, closes this week. Ugly on the outside, the National used to have a sound system that was arguably superior to that of the Mann Village (the greatest movie theatre ever), just a couple blocks away. (via LA Observed)

Does Tony Pierce at LAist say that because today is “Jackie Robinson Day”, actor Gary Dourdan from 24 “CSI” should have been let into the new Hollywood club Parc last night because: a) he’s black b) on top TV show or c) both a & b?

MetroRider’s Fred Camino grumbles that grocery stores are designed around “car-culture”, but offers a solution for shoppers who use the bus.

Speaking of car-free living, Siel the Green LA Girl tells how she was able to travel from the Westside to Hollywood for club hopping, Koreatown for a film fest, and points in between all last week via public transportation.

Liveblogging the tax return process: Ryan at LosAnjealous proves it can be done.

L.A. crime buffs can now read two blogs about murders and mayhems from yesteryear: the first, of course is the 1947Project’s current coverage of “1927 Los Angeles”.  And now Larry Harnisch (Black Dahlia expert, and formerly of 1947Project) has joined the ranks of the LA Times bloggers with “The Daily Mirror”, chronicling “crime and cops” from 1957.

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  1. that dude is in CSI and not 24.

    though anyone in 24 this season maybe shouldn’t be allowed in places…ugh, i can still smell the crap on me from watching it last night…

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