Don Bolles, alleged wrongdoing, drinking and DJing.

By now everyone has heard about this whole Don Bolles (you know, he used to drum for the Germs) being arrested and whining about how it was for no reason and they mistook his Dr. Bonners soap for an illegal substance and all that. (If you haven’t there is always this post right here to bring you up to speed.

Well, as ridiculous as the whole thing may be we still haven’t really heard any real answers from anyone and certainly none from Don Bolles himself. Convenient then that he’ll allegedly be down at the Hyperion Tavern tonight spinning some records in between performances by Lily Marlene, Gib Strange (not just a clever name, he is actually strange) and Harry Merry. It may be a good time but most importantly, the place is beautiful and you can drop in, have a drink and ask ol’ Donny what REALLY went down…

5 thoughts on “Don Bolles, alleged wrongdoing, drinking and DJing.”

  1. ummm, yeah. The police obviously overreacted on that one. As did a lot of people who were quick to judge him harshly.

  2. Ayup. Funny how many of those who found the time to make Internet posts suggesting that Bolles was lying and hiding something have suddenly become too busy to type retractions.

  3. yeah, funny how i suggested people go ask him what was up because there wasn’t a clear story anywhere.

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