Airlines to charge extra bux at LAX

Following a rent hike that LAX imposed in February on the airlines that use its space, United Airlines has said it has plans to add a $10 surcharge to tickets for passengers originating at LAX.

I had a flight out of LAX a few days ago, and after hearing about this I felt I should conduct some super-stealthy research. I was flying on American, though, so I didn’t ask any United employees since they’re in another terminal. So I asked a few employees in the AA terminal whether they’d heard about it. Due to my mad awesome interviewing skillz, I got two blank stares and a “yeah, I heard about that, but I don’t think we are doing it”. Cool.

Too bad they were wrong. American, along with US Airways, Delta, and Northwest, have confirmed that they, too, will add the additional fee. The airport’s operators, Los Angeles World Airports, claim that the surcharge will far exceed the additional costs that the airlines are incurring with the rate increase.

It’s enough to make you want to take the train. Or fly out of Burbank or something.

4 thoughts on “Airlines to charge extra bux at LAX”

  1. Ontario is nearly as friend as Burbank Airport. I avoid LAX whenever possible. But did anyone thing a rent increase by the Airport Authority wouldn’t get passed on to us grunts travelling through?

  2. Okay, seriously here, will you people stop talking about Burbank!
    I had to wait in line for the x-ray and “complementary massage” by a TSA agent for the first time since X-mas. I’m very selfish and want it all to myself.

  3. Beopenguin: Burbank Burbank Burbank Burbank. Burbank!

    Actually, Long Beach or Ontario might be better options for cross-country trips; are Burbank’s runways long enough for widebodies?

    But, you know. Burbank!

  4. Ontario sucks if you live in LA. Driving there would add at least two hours to a trip if you live west of the 5. Not to mention the added time of a connection at LAX, SFO or LAS. Long Beach is okay if you don’t have to drive there during anything resembling drive time. It’s kind of charming in fact.

    And Kathleen: Burbank’s runways are plenty long enough if you include the gas station across the street. ;-)

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