Putting The Ad in Bad

Horrified yet hungry for details of the still-developing nightmare that took place at Virginia Tech this morning, I visited the page of cnn.com screen-grabbed below, which shed little additional light at this stage, but did feature a life insurance agency ad down the right side of the screen there that’s questionable at best and patently inappropriate at worst. Or perhaps it’s just me… but for an ad with the headline that begins “If you died today…” to be packaged to a breaking story about a cold-blooded killing spree whose death and injury toll is still rising is almost incomprehensible and I can only hope it’s a random pairing.


8 thoughts on “Putting The Ad in Bad”

  1. you can make a screen shot by hitting PRNT SCRN on your keyboard . it copies to your clipboard and then paste it into your photo editor .

    accidental bad taste on the advert ? yes
    using internet explorer in this day and age ? just as bad

  2. Forgive my IE’ing Mishaco… but I’m ensconced in a cube in the bowels of a corporate HQ and that’s all there is. I actually take pride in not knowing how to PRNT SCRN, but thanks for the heads up.

  3. They probably base their advertisements on key words. Maybe similar to google? So if there is a story about cars, maybe displayed in an ad for a new car or car insurance.

    Not that it makes it OK.

  4. Yeah, Sam… dissss-gusting. Tragedy brings out the worst in people – and so enter the lawyers…

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