Breaking News: At least 32 dead in shooting at Virgina Tech

This isn’t locally related, but there was a major shooting this morning in Virginia at Virginia Tech University and so far at least 32 people are confirmed dead. A single gunman was involved in two separate instances. Our sister blog Metroblogging DC is posting news and info as they get it. More updates will be posted there as they come in.

2 Replies to “Breaking News: At least 32 dead in shooting at Virgina Tech”

  1. CNN coverage of this is surprisingly bad – they keep repeating video footage shown by an iReporter. Its interesting, but they’ve been relying on this way too much.
    Just sloppy. So sloppy that I turned to Fox News, who I think usually blows at breaking news…

    Alas, Fox News isn’t working right now on my cable lineup. How ironic? I have Time Warner cable… who owns CNN. First major breaking news story in months…

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