If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all…

April 13, 2007 at 1:07 pm in Uncategorized

Happy Friday the 13th! Is it really unlucky?

To celebrate, here’s thirteen statistics related to living (and sometimes dying) in Los Angeles:

1. Chance of being attacked and killed by a mountain lion attack: 1 in 32,000,000.
source: Funny2.com

2. Angelenos have a one in six chance of moving into a house or apartment unit formerly occupied by a celebrity.
source: L.A. Exposed

3. Odds the Los Angeles Dodgers will win the World Series: 1 in 12. (the Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim’s odds: 1 in 10).
source: Bodog.com

4. Your chances of being sued for illegally downloading music or movies: 1 in 1,840.
source: Slyck

5. Probability of being killed in an earthquake: 1 in 9,089,063 (this year), 1 in 117,127 (lifetime)
source: National Safety Council

6. Odds your pet (cat or dog): Will be eaten by a coyote – 1 in 1273… (numbers of pets drowning/swallowed by the La Brea Tar Pits indeterminable)
source: TalkingOutofMyAss.com

7. Odds a Los Angeles basketball franchise will win the NBA Championship: Lakers – 1 in 30… Clippers – 1 in 50.
source: Bodog.com

8. Odds you’ll be audited after winning the Showcase Showdown on Price Is Right: 175 to 1.
source: Funny2.com

9. Odds your girlfriend has slept with Ron Jeremy: 1 in 2,500.
source: FriendofaFriend.com

10. Odds of winning an Academy Award: 1 in 11,500.
source: Funny2.com

11. Odds an LA resident will be found murdered and dumped off Mullholland Dr. in any given year: 1 in 28,000.
source: MoreWhiteHouseSlamDunkTheories.com

12. The odds of winning tomorrow night’s $22,000,000 California Super Lotto Jackpot are 18 million to 1.
source: PBS Frontline: “Easy Money”

13. Odds any one of these facts were pulled out of my ass: 3 in 13.

Good luck everyone!

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