Power outage affects 100k L.A. residents

This afternoon, the power went out in my building at the Brewery in Lincoln Heights. We thought it was just a temporary outage, which happens every so often during crazy windstorms like the one we had today, but on checking with our neighbors and venturing out into the neighborhood we realized that it was much more widespread, as we saw traffic lights and a few stores without power. After a few hours, we called the office and were told that DWP said it would be up to 24 hours before service was restored. My roommate and I prepared ourselves for the long, dark night by going to the store and stocking up on the essentials: booze, non-perishable snacks, and bandages for the inevitable head wounds that would result from boozin’ it up in the dark.

I would have posted this earlier, but had no power until just now. I called LA DWP and asked them for an E.T.A. for the power returning; she told me they were working on a goal of midnight to have power back to my area. From what their nice pre-recorded outage message said, over 100,000 DWP customers were affected by the outage, which was caused by several transformers and power lines going out. It seems that Burbank was also affected, but I don’t know how much power has been restored to them yet. It looks like some of the residential blocks near me are still dark.

Is anyone else still experiencing an outage? (Of course, if you are I don’t expect you to be reading this, but if you know of friends and family who are still in the dark, let us know!)

Update: Looks like power was out in parts of Silverlake and Larchmont Village, too.

Update #2: Power is still out in Montecito Heights and parts of Century City as of Friday morning, and seems to be flickering on and off in Studio City. Commenters, keep ’em coming, and hang in there.

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  1. Power was out in Echo Park (by Dodger Stadium anyway) from around 1 pm through a little after 8 pm. A power line was down on Solano Ave just west of Broadway (north of Chinatown).

    LA DOT was directing traffic at intersections in Echo Park on Sunset and on Broadway in East LA.

  2. Our power flicked off the on again at around 2 p.m., just for two minutes or so, here at USC. But last week, we completely lost power for about half an hour, got it back for half an hour, then lost it again. Combined with all the windiness, I’m a little freaked out.

    Still not as windy as Kansas, though, and a couple winters ago we lost power for a week due to an ice storm, so I guess I can’t complain.

  3. Just got home a little while ago here in Studio City, and the power is out at my house. Don’t know when it went out, but called home around 7 and the answering machine didn’t pick up. Seems to be on across the street.

    And, for once, thank goodness for the ability to use dial up or I would be a really sad, sad person in the dark.

  4. El Chavo! – yeah, we drove around LH for a bit and saw a few traffic lights out, but now that I think back, none were out on the other side of Broadway.

    For those still with an outage – hopefully it’ll be back soon! They told me midnight for my building and it came on a little after 8.

  5. Well, the power came back on at 5:37 AM, and just shut off again about 10 minutes ago! Should have used the hair dryer when I had the chance :(

  6. This part of Silver Lake was out for ~20 hrs.

    Is it time to stop stringing powerlines through treetops and do the sensible thing of running them underground? Please?

  7. power in century city is still out. it went out around 2.30pm on the 12th and is still only partial power at 9.37am 13th. sadly, stuff in refridgerators and freezers is starting to thaw and go bad… i hope they finish fixing things soon.

  8. My Dad is 96 and in an assisted living facility near Ventrua Blvd. and the 405. His power has been out since Thursday, April 12th and is not expected to return until Monday or Tuesday. Even though there is a emergency generator, 90 to 100 elderly people have no hot water and very little electricity. This is outrageous.

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