More breaking news on onion prices

onions149.jpgThis just in!

Onions at my neighborhood grocery store are $1.49 a pound. White onions, that is – I use brown, which are 89¢ a pound. Obviously the white onions are more desirable than the brown ones. What does that mean, LA? What does that mean?

California Market is at the corner of 5th and Western.

I am quite certain there isn’t actually any racial prejudice involved in the pricing of onions.

But seriously, why is the difference in price so great?

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  1. Ooh, that looks like a good stash! The pamphlet from my local affiliate of Nazi Skins said “Down with Brown, White is Right!” so I assume that must apply to our veggies as well. Or at least to their prices. ;)

  2. It’s last summer’s heat wave in western North America. It’s an outbreak of thrips. It’s the rains in Tampico. It’s the unusually cold and wet weather in Texas. It’s the January frost in the Imperial Valley. And it’s a reaction to the glut in the 2004 storage crop.

    It’s a whole buncha stuff:

    Onion Prices Hit Record High

    Why the difference in price between white/brown? Bad luck is unevenly distributed, I suppose.

  3. White onions are $2.00 lb. at raleys in sacramento. While this is way-high..todays price on the San Francisco wholesale market is (12) 10 0z. bags..(equals 7.5#) sells for $13 to 13.50. Looks like the real culprit could be wild climatic changes affecting local growing for these agri products. So……….work closer to home..sell your suv’ democratic…grow your own (onions too).

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