IAAL-MAF Invitational 4.0: The “Taint” Ride

taintride.jpgHello, L.A. cyclists – particularly those of you with a taste for weird and uncommon scenery, a nose for bizarre and pungent smells and a burning curiosity about unseen parts of Los Angeles.

The notorious (and fictitious) IAAL-MAF invites you to join its fifth (yes, 5th) invitational bike tour next Thursday April 19 – a leisurely 15-mile nighttime cruise through L.A.’s quiet eastern barrios and across its gritty industrial underbelly. We’re callin’ it “The Taint Ride.”

Taint like t’other IAAL-MAF rides. T’aint a noirish jaunt, a majestic observation, a hilly ordeal or a cultural pilgrimage.

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We’ll be following the course of last summer’s IAAL-MAF club ride through parts of east L.A. and the city of Vernon – where 91 people live and another 54,000 toil away days (and nights!) in the city’s factories, mills, shops, bakeries and slaughterhouses. And that’s what makes it a bit more like the colloquial definition of taint.

The good news is that the trip ends with a hill climb and then wickedfast plunge down 4th street (land-speed records are made to be broken) so you can let the windrush blow the grime off you before a refreshing bite of sushi at Joy Mart, IAAL-MAF’s favorite post-ride noshery in Little Tokyo.

We keep a reasonable pace – somewhere between Ridazz noodling and peloton-driven churning – but we also try to make sure there’s No Rider Left Behind.

But t’aint gonna be any fun without you. So join us – bring a friend or three, a camera and a few bucks to spend on sushi immediately afterwards.

IAAL-MAF Invitational 4.0 – THE TAINT RIDE

Start point: Factory Place, between 5th and 6th Streets, just east of Alameda (map)

East L.A. and points south

April 19, 7:30 p.m.

8 p.m. sharp!

Little Tokyo, around 10:00 p.m.

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