Former Germs Drummer’s Drug Arrest Not So Clear Cut

There’s been a story floating around on the internet for a week or so about former Germs drummer Don Bolles being arrested in Newport Beach because a roadside forensics test on a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap turned up positive for drugs. All sorts of outrage and pleas for help followed and today local morning zoo radio hosts Kevin & Bean had him on as a guest to talk about “getting arrested for carrying the wrong soap.” I didn’t hear the interview, but I really want to know if he addressed the issues in an email that turned up shortly after the first plea for help which contains some rather different information:

…he’s out now…

According to OC jail and NBPD. Don posted bond yesterday. He’s charged with:

1. Possession of a narcotic: GHB. Filed under HS Code (11377(a) — possession of amphetamine without a prescription, but this is used to cover GHB possession.

2. Possession of a small amount of marijuana.

3. Criminal contempt of a court order.

4. Violation of a restraining order

Anyway, Steve Mikulan actually checked this out with the NBPD – it would have been a national-level story if Dr. Bonner soap had been the basis of the arrest. It turned out that the bottle was actually full of GHB, which is to say roofies. I wish that it were Dr. Bonner. Or as somebody at the Weekly said, “Don Bolles uses soap?”

So, what’s the real deal? To paraphrase another of our authors, it sounds like Don got caught breaking several laws, then tried to reverse engineer his innocence in an effort to raise funds and sympathy based on what he knew were false pretenses.

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  1. I heard the interview. He claims all he had was the soap, he doesn’t know why it tested positive for GHB, and hopes a lab test will exonerate him. The Dr Bonner company is paying all legal fees for his defense and have hired him a good lawyer. He doesn’t need to raise funds. He said that the Dr Bonner people told him that the soap would test positive for THC, but no way should test positive for GHB. He maintains innocence. It was noted that even if there was GHB mixed in with the soap, it would be useless, since GHB must be ingested.

    He also told K&B, when asked, that there were no warrants out for his arrest and that his record was relatively clean.

    He has a hearing tomorrow.

  2. If nothing else, the original MySpace plea had some errors of omission regarding the second and third charges against Jimmy Michael Giorsetti (Don Bolles). The L.A. Times article noted that these charges stemmed from Cat Scandal’s presence in the car, but the lack of information in the original MySpace plea didn’t help the credibility. (In fact, when I saw the original message, which talked about the “Newport” police department and asked for money, I originally thought it was a scam.)

  3. Latest update – according to news reports, the Orange County retest indicated that the soap WAS soap, and all charges were dismissed (including the aforementioned second and third charges).

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