Blown away

[click/biggify – but you still won’t feel the camera nearly being blown out of my hands]

High winds, even scary high winds are pretty normal for us here in lovely Silver Lake. It’s part of what makes our views so spectacular (and our brains so scrambled).

But today – sheesh – today I’m worried all my windows may shatter, my trees get uprooted and wreck the joint, or maybe even the whole damned house will be lifted up and carried off to Oz.

(only we’re already IN Oz)

4 thoughts on “Blown away”

  1. I live in Silverlake and I’m hopefully recording the NHL Saber’s game on my dvr. By any chance can you tell me if the power is off in silverlake?? seems that the power is always failing at the hint of a sprinkle.

  2. Power is ON!

    (we did lose power a couple of times last week, but that was just when DWP was replacing our million-year-old power lines)

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