More than meets the eye!

The Transformers Building is coming!I can’t help it. Ever since seeing clips of the upcoming Transformers movie at ShoWest last month, I have been getting excited about the ad blitz for this movie. Call me a child of the 80’s, I just can’t contain myself…

So when the old 360 building at Sunset & Vine started wrapping the building with Transformers artwork earlier this week, I got all riled up again. Right now two sides of the building are wrapped and though I’m not completely certain, I’m pretty sure that all four sides will eventually be covered.

I also heard from the Paramount Underground Gnome Association that one side will have an eye which will glow red at night! I certainly hope it’s true and I can’t wait to see it. My pictures are terrible, so take a looksy the next time you go to the Arclight…

14 thoughts on “More than meets the eye!”

  1. they better still make that neat transforming noise they made in the cartoon or i’m gonna be pissssssed

  2. I don’t know about the movie, but I have a 20th Anniversary edition of Optimus Prime which talks and makes noise… and yes, they kept the same “transforming” noise for the toy.

  3. I always hated the Transformers. The toys were out of scale (the transforming semi-truk was the same size as the transforming gun), the whole concept was ludicrous. Thats the only reason the whole thing sounds perfect for Michael Bay.

    What I’d like to see is the GI Joe movie, based on the all the characters before Major Bludd came on the scene. Snake Eyes, Shortfuse, Scarlett, Hawk, and Ranger. That would be bad ass. And based on the comics, not the cheesy cartoon.

  4. maybe it’s like the new generation of transformers: robots that turn into…OFFICE BUILDINGS!

  5. Markland, no doubt there is just going to be a lot of CG, random shooting and explosions ala Michael Bay… I can’t wait!

    And you are totally right about Megatron… he so doesn’t obey conservation of matter… how does a huge robot turn into a handgun? I can’t wait to see them do that in CG!

  6. BEFORE major bludd? dude, markland you poser, major bludd is one of the originals! what are you even talking about?

  7. Benjamin, maybe in your youth world Bludd was an original, but Bludd wasn’t part of the original launch of action figures and comic book. He showed up on store shelves in the second wave of action figures, but before that could be bought be mailing in cereal box tops or some shit… I don’t know exactly when he first appeared in the comic book, but it was not in the first storyline.

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