Image via Bleep Labs

All you silicon manglers and knob-twiddlers, you electronic tinkerers who wear your first soldering-iron burns like badges of honor – this one’s for you:

The BENT Festival this weekend at the marvelously eccentric Velaslavasay Panorama downtown is a series of workshops, demos and geek-alongs for anyone who ever tore his parents’ alarm clock apart and either built something brilliant out of it or hid the pieces because he never figured out how put it back together.

There’s the “intro to circuit-bending,” workshops on hacking hardware and circuit boards and artwork by the likes of Dr. Bleep, Pixelform and Cooper Baker. The full schedule is here, starting with an all-ages show Thursday night at Il Corral starring kREEPA, Toy Junkies, DSS Trio, David Leikam and Pink Canoes.

For more on the ongoing mysterious Velaslavasay Panorama project – due to be unveiled this July, check my profile of it from last summer.