Newport Beach Couple Swept Out to Sea

I just heard a story on a KCRW news break that totally freaked me out. A couple in Newport Beach was swept out to sea while fishing from a jetty, and all the authorities found on the beach were the woman’s straw hat and the man’s shoes. As an avid body border and novice surfer, I’ve been pounded on and pinned to the sandy bottom by more than a few giant walls of water that I wasn’t prepared for. Thinking about being swept off a jetty and dragged off to my watery doom is terrifying.

One thought on “Newport Beach Couple Swept Out to Sea”

  1. How horrible! As I recall, the undertow at Newport Beach is pretty nasty. It’s worse right at the jetty since the waves break right into the rocks. When the family vacationed there when I was a kid, we were never allowed anywhere near the jetty.

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