New Cache Mural Going Up (Now With City Approval!)

I had the good timing and fortune last October to catch the Silver Lake / Echo Park area artist known as Cache (spelled with that accent over the “e” that I can’t get to work and pronounced ca-shay) in the midst of putting up the mural on the south side of Sunset Boulevard just west of Benton Way.

On the way back from the Blessing of the Animals yesterday I saw work on a new mural commencing on the recently painted-out long retaining wall on Sunset just east of Coronado, and this morning I checked in on it to find Cache getting set to continue work on some of his signature chickens. I spoke with him briefly after gushing that I’m the president of his fan club and snapping this shot of the work on progress (click to biggify):

He told me it was his biggest project yet and that he was angling to make a bit of a political statement this time around. But in contrast to most of his previous murals he said he decided to go legit and seek out and receive city approval (through L.A.’s Department of Cultural Affairs) for this one shortly after the previous mural had finally been painted out in Feburary after being slowly eaten up by multiple overcoats of tagging. Cache said it should be done sometime today and I hope to get back there later to get some other snaps of the finished product. He also told me he has a MySpace page.

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