Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley Accepts Pioneer Woman Award with Arms Outstretched

Jenny Lewis is one of the fifteen women representative of each Los Angeles City Council District chosen to receive a Pioneer Woman Award this year.

Lewis received the Pioneer Woman award– given out annually in conjunction with National Women’s History Month, and meant to honor “outstanding community service and accomplishments…that continue to expand opportunities for generations to come”– from Garcetti during a ceremony last Friday, March 30.

Ever humble, Lewis had this to say: “It is an honor to be recognized in the company of all the women gathered here whose accomplishments far outstrip my own. These women are actually affecting the community in a tangible way while I’m just up there singing about it.”

Pshaw, lady. Certainly I’m not the only member of the community who you’ve inspired to be a better son or daughter. Tell me that’s not tangible.

3 thoughts on “Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley Accepts Pioneer Woman Award with Arms Outstretched”

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  2. …I kinda agree with Jenny…there are a lot of women doing serious work within the community, busting their ass every day to help people…does she do some sort of volunteer work or something I haven’t heard about?

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