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I was randomly surfing the internet and I came across this website which gave me some information about my IP address. I zoomed in on the google map, and according to their data, I am blogging from a cemetery. I would have thought that the location shown would have been my ISP (Speakeasy), but I guess not. Maybe my loft was built atop an ancient burial ground and soon zombies will be rising from my pool, or lack thereof. OMG, are those Zombies&#8253

Update I missed the best part, according to their website, they are the “most accurate IP Address locator.” I would hate to see the least accurate locator.

14 thoughts on “Cemetery Blogging”

  1. Or more likely the zip code where your internet service is routed through. I tried it and it thinks that I’m logged on from suburban Wichita, Kansas. That’s a long way from Los Angeles.

  2. I am using SBC Yahoo and am in Winnetka (San Fernando Valley).

    It also told me I was in Rosedale Cemetary.

  3. You know, my blogger friend had a post on how he had readers from that cemetery. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with the Rosedale Cemetery (I used to live right next to it). I never went in, but really wanted to check it out. Apparently there area a few famous dead people there- the most famous being actress who played the maid with the high pitch voice in Gone with the Wind.

  4. i’m in the cemetery too. although the other day i checked a google map and it claimed me as being at 1st and main. i guess it’s all relative…

  5. A couple of miles off for me, and not even in the right city! I’m in Long Beach, but they have me as being in Signal Hill.

  6. Ha! I am apparently just outside of Wichita, Kansas. That is news to me, since I think I am sitting in my living room in the Miracle Mile.

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