2:36:46 A.M. — Lotus Cove At Echo Park Lake


There’s any of a number of pictures that I could have uploaded to illustrate last night’s looong and awesome and thought-provoking “Protest & Memory” RIDE-Arc ride, which among other places included stops at City Hall, Rampart Division police station, MacArthur Park, what used to be the Ambassador Hotel, the vacant lot that once was the homeless Dome Village by the 110 Freeway, the now-flattened and barren South Central Farm, the Farmer John plant in Vernon and Salazar Park in East L.A. (we got around, didn’t we?).

But instead because the journey made me realize how much of this city’s history so often goes unseen or disregarded in our periphery I give you something I might have easily missed had I not been looking around, the above great blue heron standing stoic and still in the wee-hours and edgewaters of Echo Park Lake as I biked by on my way home.

Other pix from the ride are here on Flickr.

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