Surf Report 4/6 – Heal The Soiree w/Bad Religion


Sure, it was still low tide and closeouts this morning, but as you were beginning the walk out with your board through unassuming whitewash when suddenly a tiny one-foot wave came at you at crotch level and went all women’s self-defense class on you and knocked your nuts and you keeled over into the water and took a gulp, you may have noted the water tasted pretty good today. Of course, you could’ve assumed as much just by visiting Heal The Bay’s SoCal Beach Report Card and noting the “A” grade for water quality at the homebreak. Tonight, KROQ is holding a concert at the Santa Monica Civic to benefit Heal The Bay, which will feature Bad Religion, Tiger Army, and The Briggs. It’s supposedly sold out, so tickets will be waiting for you at a will call booth shaped like a swarthy scalper.

Photo reposted with permissssionss from Swellmagnet.

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