Sikhs Seek to Help Helpless

A couple of years ago I landed an (extended) temp job with Golden Temple–you know, the Sikh-run company that makes the Yogi Tea on the menu at Swingers. Anyway, they’ve got this tiny little satellite office on Preuss (just off Robertson), south of Pico. It’s right next door to their Guru Ram Das Ashram, in front of which they serve(d me) Langar (aka Free Lunch!) every single day. All your life people tell you, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” and then you meet the Sikhs. The reality is, some days were better than others. The best days were authentic, homemade Indian feasts (sometimes cooked by a local family, sometimes provided by India Sweet House on Pico. The not-as-good days were pasty, bland, mung bean stew. Still, it’s a lovely experience–one that I hope all of you will try someday.

Annnnyway. Point being: the Sikhs are pretty damn cool, and this weekend hundreds of Los Angeles Sikhs (there are about 50,000 living in California) will donate and distribute 1,000 boxed lunches to the homeless on Skid Row at the Fred Jordan Mission’s 63rd annual Easter Festival of Life, 445 Towne Ave, in Los Angeles.

As it happens, this act of service will mark the beginning of Baisakhi, the holiest Sikh holiday, the celebration of which you can participate in or observe at the L.A. Convention Center, Sunday, April 8th – 4 AM – 3 PM.

Skeptic? Cynic? Well, they never proselytized or tried to convert me… If you join–whether for the Easter Festival, Baisakhi, or Langar someday–simply offer a smile and say, “Sat Nam.” That’s all it takes.

Try Langar at the Guru Ram Das Ashram.
1620 Preuss Rd.
Los Angeles, California 90035
Every day around noon.

4 thoughts on “Sikhs Seek to Help Helpless”

  1. The Sikh community regularly does stuff at Fred Jordan Mission. On Thanksgiving they donated tons of food, served it, and even provided entertainment (they performed a cultural dance while folks ate). Try getting all that from Mr. Chow. And yet, Zagat’s remains silent.

  2. I have known various Sikhs through the years, and they have been some of the most generous, compassionate and well educated/informed people I have ever known. While I was upset at the way some people in this country attacked Middle Eastern people after 9-11, I was particularly disgusted that many Sikhs were singled out… Notwithstanding that there is NO excuse for ANY sort of prejudice, terrorism or not, Sikhs are not from the Middle East (they are from India and Pakistan, which are NOT Middle East nations) and they are not Arabs either… not to mention… they are not Muslim! It was like, well, getting hit by Al Queda and attacking Iraq for it!

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