L.A. Baseball Bars


Just in time for the start of this year’s baseball season (also known as the Only Other Season Besides Winter), Gridskipper brings us a list of L.A. Baseball Bars. In addition to the hometown clubs, you’ve got a place to go if you line up with the Yankees, Bosox, Cubs or Phillies. If you’re a partisan for another team, they suggest a couple of places that claim to show every game, like El Guapo’s on Melrose and Leo’s in Montrose.

If nobody knows about a Mets bar in our town, I might just have to start one. It’ll be called Great Buckner’s Balls and the drinks will be amazin’.

2 thoughts on “L.A. Baseball Bars”

  1. i got banned from baseball (long story) so maybe i’m not the best person to comment, but still, how do you not mention the shortstop as one of the best dodger bars around?

    sure they’re totally overhipstered and i haven’t been there in more than a year, but c’mon! $1 pbrs on gameday! it’s RIGHT BY DODGER STADIUM, c’mon!

  2. I never found a Mets bar in LA the entire time I lived there, so I moved back to NYC!

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