Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Bikeful

It’s about that time of the month again, the first Friday night of it, and that means RIDE-Arc is ready to roll. I’ve sounded off about some of its past exploratory group bike rides being The Best Evar and from the proud tone of their description of tomorrow night’s intriguing journey gathering at 9 departing at 9:30 from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (direx and map) this may very well top ’em all as it’s titled “Protest & Memory” and is being billed as a synergistic effort shared between RIDE-Arc, LA Urban Rangers, and The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest:

“As a close to March’s plethora of activism events and anniversaries of some of the most significant protests of our current generation, RIDE-Arc is presenting a ride that will relay the ever pervasive question of protest and memory. Do we give remembrance to the issues that were raised at a time, at a place? With Los Angeles continually reinventing itself, what remains of the voices that made an effort to speak out? What exactly went down in your very own neighborhood?”

The route will reportedly traverse some 23-25 miles, ending back at SCI-Arc, most definitely sometime weeeeeell past midnight (especially if there’s a taco truck stop worked into the mix). If that’s not a long enough trip for you, you are entirely welcome to join your vivid, notorious and entirely ficticious IAAL/MAF bike conglomerate who will be represented at a minimum by yours truly and Midnight Ridazz’ Mr. Rollers and convening at 8:45 p.m. adjacent to the Belmont Tunnel artpark pit development construction loft housing Tunnel (map) for some pre-ride electric boogalooing before pedaling to SCI-Arc from there.

Sets of Flickr pix from my two fave RIDE-Arc rides are here and here.