The coyotes are getting restless

[awesome photo swiped from from The Los Angeles Hiking Group]

Coyotes aren’t exactly news here in Silver Lake, but I just got this pretty alarming email from one of my neighbors about the latest encounters:

At 6AM yesterday the 3 BIG coyotes that are frequently seen together on Corralitas and the Red Car Property (near Glendale and Fletcher) were threatening a 6″1″ neighbor walking his 2 dogs on leash (his dogs among the biggest dogs in the neighborhood). The neighbor shouted at the coyotes, made himself bigger and more threatening, picked a big stick to throw at them and the coyotes still did not back off. They came within 10 feet of the neighbor’s dogs. He was in the heavily wooded section of the Red Car Property between Lake View Avenue and Corralitas.

These 3 coyotes are HUGE and very aggressive. Coyotes have been seen in fenced yards, and all over the neighborhood at all hours DAY & NIGHT. Coyotes have adapted very well to hunting in the urban environment. I have seen them use the parked cars as cover in hunting dogs walking off-leash. They are most active after dark, but they have been seen at ALL hours.

Walk your dogs on leash. Do NOT allow your dogs to chase coyotes – if these 3 coyotes were threatening the neighbor with huge dogs, they will not hesitate to go after your dogs. They are adept at hunting in packs. Yell at them, throw rocks, do everything you can to make them afraid of people again.

More info on living with coyotes is available from LA Animal Services.

5 thoughts on “The coyotes are getting restless”

  1. all the critters are restless and coming out of the mountains, very early and in large numbers. Likely due to the lack of rain and food for the foragers and the predators are now following them. This morning we had 30 hawks circling my ‘hood looking for who knows what. Even the 2 nesting pairs which normally have one of the parents in the nest until the eggs hatch were out. Strange things are about….

  2. Go to A-16 on Pico and grab yourself a can of BearGuard. It’s a small fire extinguisher-sized can of pepper spray. Shoot that at wanna-be wolves, and they’ll get gone. No harm to them either, just teaches a lesson and keeps you and your pooches safe.

  3. I had a coyote follow me into the crosswalk at La Brea and Waring (that’s one block north of Melrose) two weeks ago today. It was about 7:45 pm. The pooch looked pretty healthy –i.e well fed.

  4. Saw one this morning (around 10am) in the hills between Highland Park and Eagle Rock. It was pretty big and running after my neighbors three medium sized dogs. We yelled and chased it, which proved effective.

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