Mr Boston, Are You Out There?

300h.jpg OK, OK, I admit it – I watched I Love New York. Don’t ask me why. It was like a train wreck I couldn’t look away from. By the end of the show, everyone left seemed to be drunk – all the time. It was awesome.

But despite the show being a spinoff of a B-list celebreality show to start with, the contestants seem to still be in the public’s mind. Especially Mr. Boston (right). Who has actually stayed in L.A., and continues to work for a nameless clothing company. According to a hometown interview, Lee Marks may be getting his own show. Which I would totally watch, because seriously, how could you not?

So the question is – where in L.A. is Mr Boston? He can’t just disappear like that. He’s here, campaigning VH1 to give him his ten more minutes of fame. And he’s got backers – a Mr. Boston show petition has 2733 signatures of the goal of 3,000. VH1, who are you to argue with that? But he’s got to be around here somewhere, attempting to work as an accountant until the day he can quit his job and entertain people full time. Which is why I highly encourage anyone who did watch the bloody pileup of reality TV that was “I Love New York” to sign the petition, and keep an eye out for Mr. Boston (or any other show contestants.) And tell VH1 that they need to spin yet another show out of Flava of Love!

And Mr Boston, if you’re reading this…we were rooting for you. Nerds rule.

8 thoughts on “Mr Boston, Are You Out There?”

  1. I hearted “I Love NY” as well and couldn’t believe the staying power of Mr. nosepicker Boston. The guy’s a bipedal trainwreck… but loveable nonetheless.

  2. I now quote my fiance:

    Nerds are mighty. I don’t know if we want to claim Mr. Boston, however. He’s much more of a spaz.

    Seriously, he was awesome on the show – and choosing him was brilliant on the part of the producers. He’s great TV.

  3. Can someone please explain to me what that “I love Ny” show is about? I caught 15 or so minutes once and completely baffled. Who is that bimbo? Who are those guys with the funny hats and wtf is her mom doing on the show.

    There must be some sort of celebrity history I’m missing.

  4. Michael, “New York” was one of the contestants on the VH1 “Flavor of Love” reality show in which Flava Flav tried to find so-called true love. The star of “I Love New York” earned a level of notoriety for an on-camera catfight she had with another contestant and apparently it was enough for her to get her own show. The guys in the funny gear are her suitors and New York’s mom is there for an odd sort of guidance and enforcement.

  5. Thanks Will…..

    Thank God my tele is only hooked to a DVD player and gets no broadcast or Cable signal. I’m gonna go stick my head back into the sand now.

  6. I’m on-record offering to buy Mr Boston dinner at Musso and Frank. Contact me through!

    Offer limited ONLY to the real Mr Boston, so don’t get any bright ideas, Non-Mr-Boston loser fakes!

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